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Scripts for BCDC++

To load up any of these scripts into BCDC, the lua file must in the the scripts folder. Then type /luafile file.lua to load it. If you want to autoload the script, append the following to the end of startup.lua in the scripts folder:

dofile( DC():GetAppPath() .. "/scripts/script.lua" )

  • action.lua is a script that converts /me and +me to the traditional IRC action form, on the client side. Only confirmed to work on NMDC type hubs (i.e. Twofo) but all current versions of DC++
  • debug.lua is a script that checks messages you send for trigger words (that you define) and substitutes them with whatever you map them to. After loading the script just type "/help" into chat, and you should see an explanation. Can map words to whole sentences currently.
  • bsplayer.lua spams now playing in BS player with a little assistance from the BStoTxt plugin. First you need to put the BStoTxt.dll file into the plugins directory of your BS Player install, then configure it to dump BStoTxt_out.txt into the BCDC scripts folder. Type /bs to spam :P.
  • formatting.lua edited by monke so that you can assign specific nicks specific colours. (It also allows you to have / characters in your timestamp, if you care :P). Just type /help and you should see what commands to use, and /color will list the available preset colours. You can define more preset colours by adding a line like so: formatting.color_conversion.emerald = {0,255,0} to formatting.lua, where the numbers represent RGB values. Confirmed to work for .698 client, but not any versions above 0.700. A version confirmed to work on BCDC++ v0.674 can be found here
  • An alternative formatting.lua for BCDC++ version 0.7+ . Just replace the original formattting.lua with this one. Then you can use e.g. /nick monk red. /nick monk 256,0,0 to set a nick colour assignment to a particular nick.

  • vlc.lua is a script to spam out the now playing track on VLC media player. Extract both vlc.lua and wget.exe to the scripts folder of BCDC++, and requires the Web Interface part of VLC to be enabled. This version will work with v0.699 to v0.75 of BCDC, for a version that works with 0.674 go here. To enable the web interface in VLC:
    • Go to Tools -> Preferences
    • Section 'All Settings' at the bottom
    • Finally go to Interfaces -> Main Interfaces and tick the option for HTTP Remote Control Interface
  • mplayer.lua gets around the issue of the inbuilt /mplayerc command not working on Windows Vista and above. Based on the same idea as the vlc.lua script, so again includes wget.exe as well as the lua file, both of which need extracting to the scripts folder of BCDC. Type /mplayer to spam. Only confirmed to work on 0.699 of BCDC for now. Newer versions of MPC and MPC Home Cinema may require the newer script found at mplayer-699-new.rar To enable the web interface in Media Player Classic:
    • Go to View -> Options -> Web Interface
    • Tick the box for "Listen on Port" ensuring the box reads as 13579
  • wmp.lua is a now playing script for Windows Media Player; type /wmp to spam. Confirmed to work with 0.770 of BCDC
    • Install the windows media player output plugin included in the rar.
    • In the configuration menu for the plugin, if you choose a different output directory for the xml file, modify the spamfile variable in the wmp.lua file (remember to escape the backslashes in the file path).

Scripts for CrZDC++ (Linux)

  • vlc.sh is a now playing script for CrZDC++ on linux to spam the currently playing file. Simply copy the script over the one in /usr/local/share/CrZDC/extensions/Script. Confirmed to work with GNU bash, version 4.1.5(1)-release (x86_64-pc-linux-gnu) and perl, v5.10.1 (*) built for x86_64-linux-gnu-thread-multi