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Project Dogtanian


The outcome of this project is to create a next generation bot that will work with Direct Connect hubs (It will at least start out as ODChub specific to some extent). It will allow plugins in order to enhance its functionality. It is originally intended as a replacement of the current Dogtanian perl script guarding the twofo realm.

Project Status

Infrastructure Setup
The infrastructure (e.g. subversion, bug tracking, choice of suitable coding tools) is currently being decided upon and set up. No development has yet taken place.


06/08/2007 Cocodude I've now set up Trac and it's available at Please note that this will move in time when I properly move all my websites over to the GigaTux box.

05/08/2007 Cocodude The subversion repository is now online and available at Use the username and password provided. Currently this is readable and writable by authorised users. It will shortly be readable by all.


Name Job
BigG Lead developer
itsmonktastic Developer
Cocodude Project manager

Task List


  • Decide on coding tools
  • Add loads of junk to the wiki
  • Knock up something nice in perl


  • Knock up something nice in perl
  • Add loads of junk to the wiki


  • Set up wiki (done)
  • Set up subversion (done, untested)
  • Set up some bug tracking software (done)
  • Decide on project milestones