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Welcome to the Twofo Wiki


twofo represents the state of online discussion and filesharing for students at the University of Warwick. At present, it consists of a Direct Connect ('DC++') hub which is situated off campus, allowing us to share files and discuss stuff (and penguins).

Due to Warwick ITS's current stance on filesharing, there will be no hub situated on campus. New users are advised to download the pre-configured version of DC++ and stunnel from and follow the instructions found when running it to connect. Otherwise to connect to twofo, please see the How to Connect page.

This wiki is intended to give information about the hub and how to use it.
Please see the Twofo Homepage for up to date information about the hub or join us the Twofo Forums for discussion about a wide variety of topics.

No Minimum Share

For the beginning of the year the minimum share for the hub has been removed to allow new fresh faced bright eyed people to join twofo for the first time. Obviously though the hub can only be as good as the people willing to share on it, so if you have anything to share then please do so (ask on the hub if you don't know how). Failing that then I expect that pretty soon you will have something worth sharing. A few weeks into term the minimum share will be increased a bit so it is generally a good idea to sort this out beforehand. As a tip, sharing your default download folder is a good place to start, that way anything you download will automatically be hashed and shared back with everybody else :)

To share more folders, you can go to File -> Settings -> Share and simply Add as many folders as you want from in there.

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Feel free to edit these pages (including this one!). if you muck things up, we can always revert back to the previous version. This is a MediaWiki, so look this up for information on how to do funky stuff with the text and graphics.